Nancy Reyner | Contemporary Painter | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nancy Reyner paints exotic versions of heaven, using gold leaf and other unusual materials. A contemporary abstract painter, she feels art is a rewarding pursuit that adds quality of life. Nancy shares this passion with her students and offers classes, articles, books & videos, encouraging the courageous use of materials and artistic expression.



Gold Leaf

Contemporary Asian-style paintings
using gold & silver leaf.


Serene and exotic seascapes with
Nancy’s signature waves and clouds.


Geometry, mixed media and fantasy
combine in mystical spaces


Nancy’s early work includes classic-style portraits, landscapes and still-life

You Can Paint!

Classes & Instruction

Visit Nancy's Studio

Nancy offers private hands-on workshops in her Santa Fe studio. Any style or level of experience will benefit.

Online Coaching

No need to travel! Arrange a private class using Nancy’s online meeting room. Work directly with her in your own home at your convenience.

Do It Yourself

Easily and quickly learn painting techniques in classic and contemporary styles with Nancy’s books and videos.