Painting with Glazes on Gold Leaf

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Glazes create transparent paint overlays that work well on special surfaces like gold leaf. Use glazes to create a wide variety of painting effects, and to illuminate color. Glazing has been used throughout painting history and is still widely used today for all mediums, and all styles ranging from realism to abstraction.

A common definition of a glaze is simply a transparent color, or application of a transparent layer of color onto a painting. The simplicity can be deceiving as there is much to be said about glazing. In the video below I demonstrate how to glaze over gold leaf. For additional information and demonstration, see links below on helpful topics such as How to Prepare a Gold Leaf Surface, and other Glazing articles.

Glazing on Gold Leaf


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  1. Farida Haque

    Hi Nancy,
    I am obsessed with silver and gold leaf! And you’re one of my favorite contemporary artists. What a grand eye you have for color and form! And your secret cloud technique? I’ve tried and tried but to no avail. I’m off to the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner to feast my eyes on your work. Photos don’t do justice to gold leaf I find. Your generosity in imparting knowledge on utube videos is admirable.
    Best regards

    • Farida Haque

      The title for this is ‘Squall out at Sea’ and it’s actually a diptych.

    • Nancy Reyner

      Thank you for your kind words Farida!

  2. Laura Harper O'Donnell

    Beautiful! Thank you.

    • Nancy Reyner

      Hi Laura! Thank you for your kind words and taking time to comment here.

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