What We Can Learn from Famous Artists’ Signatures

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—Hana Rehman is Guest Author on Nancy Reyner’s blog, writing this article on artist’s signatures.

Every artist has their own signature, and many autographs of famed creatives are instantly recognizable in the art world. But aside from being your unique trademark, does your signature say anything meaningful about you as an artist?

The study of handwriting is known as graphology, and though it has claimed to be able to decipher personality traits for nearly 200 years, its validity has been long debated. Whether or not this method of analysis can truly pinpoint a personality with 100% accuracy, it’s still fun to use graphology basics to see what insights a signature might reveal.

Check out the infographic below to learn what an in-depth look at twelve famous artists’ signatures can uncover about their personalities. Then, keep reading for some tips to try it out on your own signature.


famous artists signatures
How to Analyze Your Own Signature

Some artists take the time to carefully craft a neat signature, while others scribble theirs down without much thought. Although graphology might not be able to give us the whole picture of our complex personas, it can still make for an entertaining and reflective exercise.
Take a look at one of your finished, signed paintings and use the tips below to learn what your autograph says about you.



Size is often the most notable aspect of a signature. Here’s what the size of your signature may disclose about your personality:

A large signature designates someone who is, predictably, confident and upbeat. If your signature is medium-sized, you may be modest and have a good self-image. A small signature shows focus and thoughtfulness.


Pen Pressure

You may not give much thought to how hard you press down when writing your signature, but the thickness and color difference caused by pressure can supposedly reveal emotional attributes of the artist.

According to graphology, heavy pen pressure means you are determined and strong-minded, while light pressure betrays doubt and insecurity.


Slant Direction

Have you ever considered that the slant of your signature could reveal your feelings? A right slant shows affection and honesty, while a left slant can mean frustration, indecision, and a reserved personality. Straight letters, on the other hand, display calm, determination, and pride.


Letter Spacing

Even the spacing between your letters can reveal interesting character quirks. Large spaces are believed to show a generous, expansive disposition, while little to no spaces are signs of intellect and anxiousness.

Graphology can get far more granular than this, but these basic concepts can give you an idea of whether handwriting analysis nails your personality or not. If anything, take this exercise as a springboard for further introspection. Thinking about your own emotions, mindset, and style can even lead to painting inspiration. You may be surprised by the creative paths your own signature can lead you down!

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Hana Rehman is a content creator who strives to tell compelling and unique stories. Her passion for digital marketing and creative storytelling has led her to cover unique topics ranging from lifestyle to the art world.



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