How To Personalize Your Space with Wall Frames

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It’s official! You’ve moved into a new space and it’s time to personalize the decor. Whether you’re decorating an airy room at home or small office, you work with what you have. Custom framing your favorite posters or wall art can go a long way to ensure your art fits the space just right. To best personalize your room with wall frames, here are great tips to help you accessorize.

Simplicity Makes a Statement

Avoid overwhelming one wall with endless picture frames. Make sure to space the art and photos to feel uncluttered and natural. The easiest way is to arrange by theme. For example, one room could have landscapes and nature, and another might show off your collection of movie posters and memorabilia. Don’t have any art yet? Don’t get generic pieces just to fill the walls. Wait until you find pieces you really love.

To keep personal areas uncluttered and homey, opt for thinner, neutral-hued frames. Simple, gallery-style arrangements will complement a variety of spaces and can even make small rooms feel larger! While this may seem limiting, there are many minimalist styles to choose from, including naked wood frames, slim metallic frames, black or white plastic, and more.

You can also choose a completely neutral frame that complements without drawing attention away from the artwork itself. A dark wooden frame with a gold border may not reflect the colors in the painting, but they may be the perfect foil for brighter pieces.

Personalize Everything
Framing Your Art

Photo: Lindy Baker from Unsplash

Add a personal touch to the spaces you spend the most time in! While framing favorite pieces is a great way to start, it is essential to choose a frame that enhances the art, photo, or print. You didn’t go through all the trouble of acquiring the perfect piece just to put it in a frame that doesn’t enhance how it looks.

One way of making a space feel like yours is framing photos of the people and pets who you live with. Displaying pictures of friends, family, and critters in your living room or office will serve as a nice pick-me-up throughout the day.

Another element of personalization is the frame itself. Painters can get creative with custom framing options like unique molding and matboard colors that complement their latest masterpiece. Try something dark and contrasting for a vibrant painting, or include an intricate vintage frame to highlight a muted floral landscape.


Go Bold

Sometimes simplicity is key, while sometimes going big and bold is the best way to personalize your home or office with wall frames. Large images and photos make a statement in any area and can give your room a theme. For large posters and prints—especially if it’s the only piece on a particular wall—you should consider a large print frame to give the room a focal point and tie the other elements of the space together.

Small wall art can also benefit from bolder frames as well. If your art piece or photo is so small that nobody notices it, go for a frame that helps it stand out from the crowd. 


Not Just for Art
Framing your art

Photo: Beth Macdonald from Unsplash

While art or photographs are the first thing most of us think about when it comes to framing, there are plenty of other ways to use wall frames as decor within your home or office.

If you’re passionate about music, consider exhibiting some of your favorite album covers on the wall. Crafty types who love to cross-stitch or embroider might also want to showcase their talents by displaying the pieces they’re proud of in a beautiful frame. Sports fans and comic book enthusiasts might also like safely sharing their collection of baseball cards or limited-edition comic book covers in a protective frame.


Ready to Go?

No matter what type or style of space you’re decorating, strategic wall art and frames can completely change your environment. Framing and hanging pieces can also save you valuable space. Instead of placing art or photos on tables and shelves, you’re maximizing these storage spaces by hanging your pieces instead!

While choosing the right frame for your art or photo might remain a big challenge, expert guidance and advice can make this task fast and easy. Explore all your options and consider what the framing world has to offer. And remember—you can always change your mind about a particular style later on. The best part of personalizing your space with wall frames is they can be taken down and rearranged to your heart’s delight.

Top Photo Credit: Manja Vitolic from Unsplash

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