January 24, 2022

The Best Complete Acrylic Painting Course

Nancy Reyner

From your first brushstroke to your ultimate masterpiece – this course has it all!

Easily master acrylic painting. How? By getting the right information. The Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting is an all-inclusive self-guided acrylic painting course. Follow along at your own pace using the course videos, books and supplemental materials. Learn to achieve a wide range of painting techniques. Gain confidence to create any painting effect, style and image you desire!

❝Nancy Reyner is such an excellent, professional, high quality educator. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to better understand the endless options that this medium can offer and create. It is very comprehensive, and really opened my creativity to the use of gels and mediums. I like her use of simple elementary examples, which really illustrates the use of the product, and how it can be manipulated. This is a course I will keep and save to refer back to, as it is such a great resource! So happy to have found this class, and it even comes with all her books!❞ — Yuanita Klatt

Hello, I’m Nancy Reyner, course creator and instructor, and one of the nation’s foremost acrylic experts. l have authored four international best-seller acrylic painting books. Hopefully I’m not sounding like an egotist here, but I respect your valuable time and money and want you to know this course is well worth it!

Course includes 30 videos and four fully illustrated pdf books (those bestsellers I just mentioned) with hundreds of fun and exciting acrylic painting ideas and techniques. Stream or download the course contents onto your own devices for lifetime access.

New Special Offer. Discount Price and Extra Bonus!

For only $435 you get both of Nancy’s master classes
The Art of Painting Beyond Technique &
The Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting
Also an extra bonus – Nancy’s four books as pdf’s
Total price $435 (former price $997). With over 50% off you save $562!

Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting
The Art of Painting Beyond Technique

See What’s Included!
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Professional easy-to-follow videos From classic/traditional styles and painting methods such as glazing, stippling, color mixing and dry brushing, as well as NEW contemporary methods such as flinging, pouring, sanding, layering, and hundreds more painting tips to get successful results. Over 11 hours of video instruction and four fully illustrated pdf books.

Preview one of the course videos below.

❝ Painters will master acrylic techniques in record time!❞
– Rick Garcia, artist, USA

The Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting is the most comprehensive course on acrylic. It goes way beyond traditional painting techniques. But the best part is that I teach WHY acrylic is different than other mediums. By understanding how acrylic is unique, you not only MASTER techniques, but move forward to invent your own. That is my intent for anyone taking this course – to become a master at using and inventing with acrylic.

I’m a professional artist, and I love to teach as much as I love to paint. Also, I care. At least that’s what I’ve been told by the thousands of artists I’ve taught over the past 30 years. Unlike most professional painters, I am more than willing to share my hard-earned lessons with other artists – in full glorious easy to understand instruction along with DETAILS! and lots of them. Don’t like details? No problem. Just fast forward through all the advice on what to buy to save money, which products and paint colors will get you everywhere, and other cool tips I share, and instead head to the juicy painting demonstrations. Your choice at your own pace.

This course has a special feature. It never gets old! Once you finish the course it doubles as a professional reference guide. In the middle of that brush stroke, you may wonder “what were those steps she demonstrated?” No problem. Quickly access any acrylic technique whenever needed using the course’s handy contents guide.

Oh and did I mention? In addition to 30 years as a professional painter, I am fully trained as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors. And they make the best darn acrylic paint!! Full disclosure I don’t get any kick backs from Golden now that I’m a free agent. But I still love LOVE their paints and products. And by the way, you do not need to use their paints for this course.

You gain immediate access to ALL course materials. Stream or download onto your computer for lifetime access.

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course rating

What experience level can benefit?

Any level will benefit! All techniques are fully explained for a wide audience and range of techniques. Are you a beginner to acrylic and serious about painting? This course will have you painting with ease and confidence in no time! Already painting in another medium – like oil or watercolor? Easily transfer to acrylic with this course.

Even painters with years of acrylic experience will find new and exciting ideas, updated information, great tips to control results, and more expertise to resolve painting issues. I promise! I’m so sure you will love it, I have a refund policy (for details scroll to the bottom). Complete this course and get everything you need to paint successfully with acrylic.

Get real answers to painting questions, such as

-How do I create interesting textures?
-What’s the difference between mediums, gels and pastes?
-How can I create transparency in layers?
-What is this pouring craze all about – and especially the new popular “cell” pouring?
-How do I make my work long lasting and archival?
-What are the best ways to imitate oil paint with acrylic?
-How can I imitate watercolor effects with acrylic?
–and much more……

As an extra bonus, I reveal (at long last) my secret techniques to create my popular waves and clouds.

  • 1. Introduction (23 min)
    About the course, best ways to approach learning, supplies
  • 2. Acrylic Paint: A Whole New World (16 min)
    Acrylic properties, definitions, advantages, range of effects
  • 3. Paint Viscosities (10 min)
    Viscosity comparisons: Heavy Body, Fluid, High Flow
  • 4. Exploring Acrylic Binders (15 min)
    Mediums, gels, pastes, matte vs gloss, specialty mediums
  • 5. Acrylic is the Inventor’s Toolbox (22.5 min)
    Use binders to customize paint & surfaces, creative paint combinations & effects
  • 6. Classic-Style Painting with Acrylic (17 min)
    Use acrylic in a classic style painting technique, similar to oil painting
  • 7. Oil Effects with Acrylic (19.5 min)
    Intensify refraction, color enhancement, tips to imitate oil paint effects
  • 8. Perfect Color Mixing (101 min)
    Mix colors perfectly, optimal color palettes, color theory
  • 9. Surface Appeal (27.5 min)
    Custom painting surfaces for absorbency and texture
  • 10. Pigment & Paints (9.5 min)
    Organic & inorganic pigments, modern vs mineral colors
  • 11. Amazing Watercolor Effects with Acrylic (11 min)
    Imitate watercolor effects with acrylic, wash pouring
  • 12. The Truth About Over-Watered Acrylics (6.5 min)
    Tips on diluting acrylic with water
  • 13. How to Make Acrylic Dry Slower (28.5 min)
    Methods to slow down acrylic drying times
  • 14. Blending & Soft Edges (8.5 min)
    Easy color blending for soft edges
  • 15. Transparency & Glazing (27.5 min)
    Achieve glaze applications, special section for painting waves & clouds
  • 16. Layering (8.5 min)
    Wet-in-wet, texture layers, overlay pastes to rework, sheens to enhance spatial depth
  • 17. How to Make Acrylic Dry Faster (5 min)
    Customize paints & surfaces for fast working process
  • 18. Acrylic Painting Made Easier (6.5 min)
    Overall tips for working easily with acrylic
  • 19. Pouring Acrylic – Part I (15 min)
    Overview of pouring techniques, cell pouring, pigment weights
  • 20. Pouring Acrylic – Part II (71 min)
    More pouring ideas, marbleized effects, choosing pouring mediums
  • 21. Translucency & Atmospheric Veiling (9 min)
    Imitate wax encaustic effects, enhance spatial depth, sanding
  • 22. Reflective Paints (36 min)
    Interference vs Iridescent paints, metallic drawing surfaces
  • 23. How to Save Money (6 min)
    Buying choices, maintaining supplies, reviving dried paint
  • 24. Mixed Media & Collage (12 min)
    Gluing paper & objects; Digital Mixed Media to combine photography, drawing, printing & paint; acrylic skins, collage, hard edge taping
  • 25. Acrylic & Gold Leaf (104 min)
    Apply gold leaf to a painting surface, overpaint leaf with acrylic
  • 26. Important Preparation Steps (12.5 min)
    Archival beginnings: stain sealing, primers, gesso, lightfast color choices
  • 27. Important Finishing Steps(11 min)
    Archival finish coats, isolation coats, varnishing, UV protection, storage, shipping
  • 28. Care & Cleaning of Your Brushes (6 min)
    Wash & store brushes properly to keep them looking their best
  • 29. Pulling it All Together (48 min)
    Create a painting from start to finish using ten different layers of techniques
  • 30. Conclusion (2.5 min)
❝ I learned so much. This course has it all! ❞

– Bonnie Teitelbaum, painter, NM, USA

❝ Nancy feels like my fairy godmother! I felt very insecure about my techniques. Now I know how to achieve any result I want. ❞

– Phyllis Jaffe, painter, former art professor, Maryland, USA

❝ As an oil painter, learning about acrylics in this course introduced me to a world of new possibilities. I am now using acrylics as a base for my oil paints, as underpaintings to quickly map out a composition, for unusual textural surfaces, and to create effects not possible with oil. ❞

– Rajul Shah, painter, Japan/USA

❝ Nancy Reyner is an artistic genius. She has a vast knowledge of painting, materials and styles. With Nancy’s thorough instruction I resolved my painting obstacles and I’m more inventive. ❞

– Janice Patterson, painter, Shoreline, WA, USA

New Special Offer. Discount Price and Extra Bonus!

For only $435 you get both of Nancy’s master classes
The Art of Painting Beyond Technique &
The Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting
Also an extra bonus – Nancy’s four books as pdf’s
Total price $435 (former price $997). With over 50% off you save $562!

About Nancy

Nancy believes art is a rewarding pursuit and can be a powerful way to enhance our quality of life. She enjoys imparting this passion to her students, encouraging the courageous use of materials and artistic expression. Nancy has over 30 years painting experience, authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and her Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University. She has appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever”, and worked as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors for 16 years. Nancy currently lives and paints in Santa Fe, NM.


Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with this course for any reason, you can request a refund by contacting Nancy. All refund requests MUST be made within one week after receiving your email with course access.

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