March 15, 2022

How to Know Your Painting is Finished?

Nancy Reyner
Six Ways to Know Your Painting is Truly Finished

Watch the video below to learn Nancy’s favorite ways to improve and enhance paintings. Gain insights to create your fine art paintings quicker, with more ease, and better results. Realistic or abstract – all painting mediums and styles will benefit.

Like these ideas? Then you’ll love Nancy’s Master Course!

For any artist that wants to take a deeper look at significant painting concepts.

“I’m moving through your master course The Art of Painting Beyond Technique at a measured pace, taking it all in. I can tell my painting is improving because of it. I’ve attached an example below. The before image is the result of the creative part of the process you call the “play phase”. Before taking your class, I would have said, “Looks good!” and called it a day. But when I took time to evaluate it, I could see it just wasn’t working. I was able to sand most of it down to the background then repainted it. I think the result is much improved.” — Steve Read, fine artist, Switchgrass Studio

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Also an extra bonus – Nancy’s four books as pdf’s
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