The Art of Painting Beyond Technique

Nancy’s Exceptional Design Masterclass for Painters

Empower Yourself and Your Art

Want to shrink that learning curve and master painting in record time? This course beats years of art school training.

To make a great painting it takes more than just paint. Learn to fine tune and transform images into their full viewing potential — and you have mastery. Elevate your work from good to great. Achieve results with ease and speed.

Techniques are fun to learn, yet this course goes way beyond. Quickly resolve painting issues and easily move your painting to the next level. No need to change your painting style, subject matter or methods. This course makes sure you DON’T PAINT LIKE SOMEONE ELSE! Become a smarter painter, with the ability to improve your painting’s viewing power and create your unique signature style. Learn to push 2D images into the illusion of 3D with contemporary and classic spatial concepts. Learn to enhance and extend the viewing experience so your art can’t be ignored!


Course includes thirteen videos and accompanying pdf book Create Perfect Paintings. Follow along at your own pace using the course videos, book and supplemental materials. You will not find these ideas, resources and information anywhere else — art schools or any other online course.

Price $1297The Art of Painting Beyond Technique
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Nancy Reyner painting techniques demonstrating in her studio
❝I enjoy and appreciate this course. It is excellent!! I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase it since it didn’t offer specific painting techniques. Now after taking it, I can say it is worth its weight in gold. As far as I know, there is nothing like it available anywhere else. It is both instructional and thought provoking. Very, very helpful!❞ — Gregg Sindici, artist, California, USA

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❝ This course gave me a secret code to understanding my art! Now I know how to draw viewers more deeply into my work and hold their attention longer❞
– Patricia Stewart, artist, Australia


Once purchased gain access to all course materials to stream right away or download onto your computer for lifetime access. For your convenience you can request the course already downloaded onto a hard drive and shipped directly to you.


What experience level can benefit?

Although any level will benefit, this course is recommended for intermediate and advanced painters, with some previous painting experience and ready to move to the next level. If you want to broaden your scope about art and improve painting skills you will gain much from this course. Artists working in any painting medium are welcome.

Even painters with years of experience will find new and exciting ideas, updated information, great tips to control results, and more expertise to resolve painting issues. I promise! I’m so sure you will love it, I have a refund policy (for details scroll to the bottom). Complete this course and get everything you need to paint better and with optimal results.

Get real answers to painting questions, such as

-How do I make my paintings get attention so they are not ignored?
-How do I know when a painting is truly finished?
-How can I use my creative right brain side with more ease?
-What can I do when I feel stuck while painting?
-What are ways to finish a painting faster with better results?
-How do I make my images more abstract, or more realistic?
-What tools will allow me to express emotion in painting?
–and much more……
Course Contents (click + to view list)
  • 1. Introduction (10:14 minutes)
    Welcome from your instructor. How to get the most from this course, preparation and supplies.
  • 2. Ideas About Painting (36:14 minutes)
    Explore a variety of ways to define painting. Gain insights into the painting process and the viewing experience.
  • 3. What’s Your Story? (23:55 minutes)
    The idea of story plays a significant role in what we paint and how our paintings are viewed. Explore a variety of ideas about stories to deepen your concepts about images.
  • 4. The Illusion of Space in Painting (45:30 minutes)
    Learn how the illusion of space can attract viewers to your work. Gain a wide range of expressive spatial tools — from the Renaissance methods of perspective to contemporary notions of “push-pull”.
  • 5. Best Ways to Create Illusion of Space (41:44 minutes)
    New tools and concepts to create the optimal type of space for your paintings.
  • 6. Realism vs. Abstraction (22:16 minutes)
    Explore these two popular terms commonly used to describe a painting’s style. Discover what they mean and how to best use them for your artwork.
  • 7. Left and Right Brain Sides (39:41 minutes)
    Learn to paint with more ease and flow by accessing the creative side of your brain.
  • 8. Mastering Eye Choreography (51:47 minutes)
    New concepts and techniques for exciting visual movement. How to heighten viewer experience.
  • 9. Expressing Emotion in Painting (41:06 minutes)
    Discover ways to portray emotion in a painting that will convey in a dynamic way to the viewer.
  • 10. How to Analyze Paintings (58:12 minutes)
    Learn to enhance the viewing experience of any painting. Discover how to easily identify and then resolve design issues.
  • 11. Your Work Space (14:03 minutes)
    Explore how your work space can influence your painting, and ways to improve it.
  • 12. Is It Finished? (44:18 minutes)
    Learn to recognize when your painting is truly finished, and how to get the results you want.
  • 13. Conclusion (6:06 minutes)
    Concluding thoughts from your instructor.
❝ I learned so much. This course has it all! ❞

– Bonnie Teitelbaum, painter, NM, USA

❝ Nancy feels like my fairy godmother! I felt very insecure about my process. Now I know how to achieve any result I want. ❞

– Phyllis Jaffe, painter, former art professor, Maryland, USA

❝ Most instructors teach you to paint like them, while Nancy Reyner expertly instructs how to push YOUR work to the next level. ❞

– Tavo Holloway

❝ “Nancy is the best painting instructor I have ever encountered. Any artist can benefit greatly, perhaps beyond their expectations, from this course. It expands a painter’s confidence and vigor for their art. I’m thankful for this! ❞

– Barry Lubbe, painter, Virginia, USA

“This course gave me a great leap forward and got my creative juices flowing! Nancy’s knowledge of materials, techniques and teaching is unparalleled. I knew that if anyone could get me out of my creative slump it would be her. The results from her course are amazing.” – Mary Manning, painter, Utah, USA
“My biggest aha moment was learning the master concepts, which let me remove doubt, anxiety and fear from my painting process. The result is that I’m more productive, create higher quality work and have gained greater notoriety.” – Rajul Shah, painter, Singapore & USA

Purchase this Course $1297The Art of Painting Beyond Technique
Stream or download the course contents onto your own devices for lifetime access. After purchasing, for no extra charge you have the option to receive your course downloaded onto a mini flash drive and shipped to you.

Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with this course for any reason, you can request a refund by contacting Nancy. All refund requests MUST be made within 48 hours after receiving your streaming course by email, or downloaded hard drive by mail. No refunds will be issued after that time. If you purchased the downloaded course, you will be responsible for return shipment of the mini hard drive prior to receiving your refund.

About Nancy

Nancy believes art is a rewarding pursuit and can be a powerful way to enhance our quality of life. She enjoys imparting this passion to her students, encouraging the courageous use of materials and artistic expression. Nancy has over 30 years painting experience, authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and her Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University. She has appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever”, and worked as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors for 16 years. Nancy currently lives and paints in Santa Fe, NM.