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Create Perfect Paintings

An Artist’s Guide to Visual Thinking

Your Painter’s Tune-Up!This book teaches you to view your paintings with a keen eye. You will easily resolve issues, move forward when you feel stuck, and improve images as needed. Add exciting visuals using Nancy’s original method of eye choreography. Watch your paintings transform from good to great. Explore painting techniques, rarely taught in art schools, to bring more attention to your work and expand your audience. Realistic or abstract – all painting mediums and styles will benefit.

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Acrylic Illuminations

Reflective & Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques

This book blazes new creative territory with 50 techniques that create luminous and illuminating painting effects. Ranging from subtle glazing on metal leaf, to pearly sheens, to boldly colored optical effects and glossy surfboard finishes, these approaches represent new contemporary techniques in acrylic painting. Written for all levels.

Acrylic Revolution

New Tricks & Techniques
for Working with the World’s
Most Versatile Medium

Over 100 fully illustrated, easy to follow, step-by-step, acrylic techniques. Each page is loaded with professional secrets and contemporary painting techniques. Create underpaintings and surfaces for other mediums such as oil, watercolor and drawing materials. Imitate the looks of encaustic, enamel and tempera. Make your acrylic painting cheaper, easier, faster, safer, more archival, while learning shortcuts, tips and tricks. A comprehensive recipe book for painters. A lifetime of lesson plans for painting instructors, and infinite possibilities for fine artists, decorators, faux finishers and home crafters. Written for all levels.

Acrylic Innovation

Styles & Techniques Featuring 64 Visionary Artists

Acrylic Innovation delves into acrylic’s potential to create unique styles, with methods and techniques for allowing you to find your own voice in the medium. A variety of successful acrylic painters are featured, each using acrylic in unique ways to create their own original styles. By looking at how other artists find ideas along with the book’s 29 step-by-step demonstrations, you will be able to explore ways of personalizing your own art. Written for all levels.