One-of-a-kind paintings created just for you by Nancy Reyner

Nancy Reyner is a Contemporary Abstract Painter with a distinctive style, creating works she calls exotic versions of heaven – places that are beautiful and meditative not commonly found on earth.

Nancy’s most popular paintings use metal leaf of gold, silver or copper, expertly combining their illuminated qualities with paint. Another popular style starts with her specially prepared luminous white surface used to enhance colors into intensities that appear like glowing gems.

If you like direct input, for a painting to perfectly fit your needs, contact Nancy for your custom painting. She will create one of her abstract paintings, based on your preference for size, style and color palette. Nancy’s paintings use archival materials for artwork that is made to last. Nancy uses a unique system (see below) which guarantees clients will be happy with the results.

How The Commission Process Works

Discover the unique benefits of Nancy Reyner’s method for commissions. Your commission process begins with a phone conversation with Nancy, to discover your likes and dislikes for color palettes and styles. Following this, Nancy sends you a digital mockup of your painting for initial approval, along with a standard contract that spells out all the details including price, shipping, schedule and style choices. You will continue to receive photographs and/or videos of the painting as it moves along in its creation. Nancy invites you to be a part of the creative process, with input if desired.

Prices are calculated by the size of the painting. Half the final price is due upon signing of the contract to commence work. The balance is due once the painting is delivered to you.

Nancy has enjoyed painting commissions for clients for over 30 years. She has authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, was a featured TV guest on HGTV’s That’s Clever, and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and her Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University. References available on request.

Contact Nancy to start arranging the creation of your painting!

Tucson Mountain (53” x 40”, acrylic & gold leaf on panel) commissioned by clients in Tucson, Arizona. This painting references the moutain view from their living room window.
A client from Chicago, Illinois commissioned this painting called Imagine (40” x 53”, acrylic on panel) using a color palette from their home interior design.
Sea & Sky (50” x 40”, acrylic on panel) was commissioned for a hospital’s maternity wing.