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Exhibiting at Florence Biennale

I will be exhibiting paintings at the Florence Biennale 2007, from December 1-9, 2007, and will be attending all the events there. I have posted one of my paintings for this show on my website. You can view it in the painting archives section.

3 thoughts on “Exhibiting at Florence Biennale

  1. Hi
    My name is Jillian Gregurke (Australia). I have just been invited to exhibit in the Florence Biennale 5-13 December 2009. I am eagerly awaiting correspondence from the Committee. I was just wondering about the events, which you talked about and any information really would be greatly appreciated. I have never left the country before and I am unsure of the logistics/ expectations etc. Did you think it was a worthwhile venture?
    Artfully yours- artist to artist

  2. Hi Jillian,
    I had a wonderful time in Florence. The Biennale is well run (in my opinion) and well worth the trip. I made many new artist friends, met critics and agents, and got to spend time in a beautiful city. There were no lines at the Uffici and other famous museums. The first week in December is a great time to be there – good weather too! The show ran for 9 days. I highly recommend staying on site near your work for those 9 days, and stay a few days longer to enjoy Florence. I brought 3 small size (26″ x 32″) paintings that fit together in one box. That box went with me as baggage on the plane. It was a good alternative to paying high shipping costs.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Since it has been a while since you attended the Florence Biennial has your investment paid off over the years? In retrospect was it a good experience?

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