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Your Complimentary Painter’s Review

I’m glad you’re interested in your very own complimentary Painter’s Review. We’ll talk about your personal goals, where you feel like you’re falling short and what you may be struggling with. My methods work on artistic aspects I call the BIG THREE — the three areas all artists deal with. Just scroll down to read more about it, and click the button below to apply. I made a short video above to help prepare for our call.

“Nancy Reyner is such a generous and wonderful teacher; one can’t help but be inspired.”
— Rajul Shah, painter, Singapore & USA

THE BIG THREE — The three main areas all artists deal with.

Working Studio — This includes all technical and technique aspects of painting, painting skills for contemporary and classic styles, optimizing your work space, idea generating and creativity blocks.

Design & Aesthetic Vision — Creating a signature style, strengthen how you view images, quickly find design issues and resolve them, learning about pattern interrupters — the #1 special skill that adds attraction to your work and enhances viewers’ experience.

Visibility — Sharing and showing your work whether at home to friends and family, or as a professional career in galleries and museums. Learn a variety of creative ways to get your work shared and seen. Professional career aspects such as pricing, selling, commissions, contracts, portfolio building, finding and getting into a gallery or museum. Non-career aspects of finishing and showing include framing, hanging, creating image books to share, and tips on gifting your work.

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