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Thank you!

I enjoyed our recent call and was glad to get a chance to know more about you and your beautiful work. What I love most about teaching is exactly that – getting to meet and converse with other painters.

Your need for time to think about this masterclass course is understandable. While it is a brave undertaking, I do believe that you are a perfect fit for this program. Your experience and creativity would be a true gift, adding much to the others in the program. At the same time being a part of this unique group of specialized painters, sure to becom lifetime associates, will help you and your work in so many ways.

Nancy’s coaching has been instrumental in my development as an artist. I was able to stop an internal struggle to finally become the artist that I wanted to become. Her methods enabled me to step back and critique my work thoughtfully. What I learned changed my perspective in all areas of my life. I am much more settled. I am finally painting for the love of painting. My struggles have turned into lessons of patience and humility. I finally feel I am on an undeniable road of personal and professional success.
– Linda Luzum, artist, Georgia, USA

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. As a reminder there is no set starting date, which means you can jump in at any point to begin your own personal mentor year. I am limiting the group to five and am already halfway there in my first month of promotion.

My biI’m excited to share more details with you about this unique course for painters.  This is meant for the professional – but that doesn’t mean you have to make it into a career! Selling work and making a living with your art is not for everyone. Regardless if you want a career or not, artists want to communicate. After all, painting is a visual communication tool!

Sharing with friends and family is one way to share, exhibitions are another. A professional painter is someone who is willing to commit to a regular painting practice. The professional painter knows that painting is important to their spirit and well being, and makes the commitment. Shrink the learning curve with this course and discover the fast track to painting mastery. 


This course covers the THREE MAIN aspects all painters need.

Working Studio. This includes all technical and technique aspects of the painting process, contemporary and classic painting skills in any medium, setting up and improving your work space, lighting and other areas that allow you to paint with ease and flow.

Aesthetic Vision. Strengthen how you view images, successfully find design issues and resolve them. Use exciting new tools such as pattern interupters, the #1 secret skill that adds attraction to your work and enhances viewers’ experience.

Visibility & Sharing Your Vision delves into a variety of creative ways to get your work shared and seen. All aspects of professional career are covered – such as pricing, selling, portfolios, finding and getting into a gallery or museum – as well as non-career aspects such as ways to show your work, photographing images, assembling them into books, framing and finishing, hanging and other aspects of showing off your talent – whether at home or in a museum.

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