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Making an Acrylic Painting in Layers

Scroll down to the next posting and press the play button to see a video demonstration of me creating an acrylic painting in layers. Here is a unique way to paint a landscape using new acrylic techniques and unusual layering approaches. This video was taken from my presentation on Home & Garden’s Television Network (HGTV) show “That’s Clever” in October 2006.

Click here for step-by-step explanations not contained in the video.

5 thoughts on “Making an Acrylic Painting in Layers

  1. Nancy – I absolutely love your work! Thanks for sharing so much information. I just ordered your book and am axious to get my hands on it. I am an abstract acrylic artist working on panel in Atlanta Ga

  2. This was really fun to watch and what a clever way to get lots of texture! And that pourable GAC is fabulous!

    I love your book and refer to it all the time…it’s in tatters and paint spots everywhere! Love it!

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