Watch Free Videos – Learn to Paint with Nancy Reyner

Nancy Reyner professional painter and instructor for over 30 years, produced these videos to share her expertise on painting techniques, creativity and other related art topics. To purchase her books and videos, or schedule a private workshop or consult, click here. To view more videos visit Nancy’s Youtube Channel here.

Applying Gold Leaf. All the tips and tricks for a successful leafed surface, using gold and other metal leaf, from Nancy’s book Acrylic Illuminations. 45 min.

Metallic Drawing Surface. How to create this unique surface using acrylic, from Nancy’s book Acrylic Illuminations. 12 min.

Making a Living with Art. From “Starving Artist No More” series produced by Heidi Easley. More helpful tips here. 26 min.

Free Your Creativity. How to liberate a creative block! From the online summit Mindfully Alive. 45 min.

Glazing with Acrylic.Best acrylic painting techniques for applying a glaze (transparent layer of color) onto a painting. 3 min.

How to Paint Better. Highlights from Create Perfect Paintings, bring attention to your painting, extend its viewing time and heighten the viewing experience.

Glazing on Gold Leaf. Add subtle glazes of color over gold leaf using acrylic, from Nancy’s book Acrylic Illuminations. 15 min.

Interference Paints. Reflective paints for unusual color flips and shifts, from Nancy’s book Acrylic Illuminations. 18 min.

Conversation with Nancy. Hosted by  Artisan Santa Fe. Broadcast December 2016, 45 min.

Ideas About Painting. Nancy Reyner shares ideas on painting concepts, and her book Create Perfect Paintings. 9 min.