Painting Excellence Class – with Nancy Reyner.
Next class begins February 23, 2020. Online. Join in!

Painting is more than just paint!

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you get it. Yoga is not just about exercise—it’s a way of life. Similarly, painting is not just about making a picture. We paint to access our creative side. Yes it’s about paint but so much more! This is the heart of my Painting Excellence Class. Find ways to be in, and stay in, the zone. Add more ease & flow to your process. Discover how painting can energize you and your life.

Take each element in painting to its full potential and we have mastery. Just like yoga we benefit the most when each pose is fully expressed. Learn to fine-tune your paintings and take your work from good to great. Get the results you want quickly. Attract new fans as dedicated as paint splatters clinging to your easel.

Class Price – $825.

What makes this class unique?

You will NOT find this information and personal assistance anywhere else – art schools or other online courses. I am Nancy Reyner and I run this class on my own (no hired assistants) keeping the class size small, to give you my full personal attention.No need to change your painting style, subject matter or methods. This class doesn’t teach you to paint LIKE SOMEONE ELSE! Instead you become a smarter painter! Improve the viewing movement and spatial concept in your paintings. Learn to enhance and extend the viewer’s experience looking at your art.

I only offer this class once a year. Why? Because I run the class 24/7 during those six weeks, and when I’m not teaching I’m painting. You get it – this class is taught by a successful and professional fine artist. I produce. I can relate to those tough times we all get in the studio, as well as the joyful times. Hopefully I’m not sounding like an egotist here, but this is a big plus. I am always willing to share my hard-earned lessons with other artists, and staying active in the art world means I bring current issues and exciting new opportunities to the table (or easel in this case).

Free Class Tour

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With Painting Excellence, enjoy interactive, live instruction with me. Why me? I’m a professional artist and best-selling author, and I love to teach as much as I love to paint. Also, I care. At least that’s what I’ve been told by the thousands of artists I’ve taught over the past 30 years. With the course material and small group of fellow artist classmates, you build a unique creative toolbox, adding a lifetime’s worth of painting wisdom and techniques!

Register for the next Painting Excellence Class and discover how to make the best darn paintings you can! Your paintings are good – now make them GREAT!

Next Painting Excellence Class
February 23 – April 4, 2020


Class Price – $825.

How will this class help you?

Your eyes are your best weapons. In only six weeks, sharpen them into powerful and creative viewing tools. Each week is filled with amazing new insights guaranteed to heighten the way you see images and craft your paintings. Painting Excellence will elevate your art to the next level. Someone won’t just look at your paintings – they will be RIVETED!

Learn MORE in 6 weeks than any 2 year MFA college program.

What experience level is required? A common way for artists to begin painting is through copying images from other artists – providing a good jumpstart, and how I define the beginner level. A certain milestone for artists follows, usually after one or two years, where artists move to the next level. Here you are newly motivated to paint your own work – creating images that are more personal. At this level, using photographs as reference, and being inspired by other artists can still serve, but now instead of copying 100% from others, you allow your own point of view to emerge into the work to satisfy your own preferences.

If you find yourself at this milestone point, regardless of whether you paint as a part-time hobby or full-time career, this class will greatly benefit. Having an art school degree does NOT matter – honestly! The crucial requirement is being at or past this milestone point in your painting journey that I just defined – not previous schooling. In fact, my opinion from years of teaching, is that most artists are happier and more creative the less classic schooling they have, and the work more exciting. Classic art school programs usually focus on creating work that fits the current trend, while this class points the compass instead towards your own emotions and desires.

Artists continually change. We change mediums, styles, types of imagery, goals, the sizes of our canvas, color palettes, etc. Change is inevitable to stay joyfully creative. You can be in the flow and on a roll, or else unmotivated and ready for a big change to gain from this class. No specific level of experience is needed. No particular painting medium or style is required.

Is your work on pause at the moment? You know those times when your painting flow has come to a halt. You stop painting, waiting for new inspiration, ready for new direction, and want to take your work further. Another one of those milestone moments we artists have, probably more times then we’d like. Find fast relief with many easy techniques in the class to get you back to the canvas fast.

Maybe you crave the camaraderie of other artists? A supportive artist community can help us through the rough spots, and is one of the benefits of the class. Perhaps you’d like to increase sales and public visibility. Would tips on finishing your paintings faster and with greater ease give you that inner smile you’ve been missing? Then this class is for you! Painting Excellence will allow you to accomplish any and all of these goals, empowering you to take bold steps and move your images from good to great.

Wondering if the class is too difficult or time consuming? Hey, we creative types need ease and fun! So not to worry. I use lots of images to get my points across and avoid nonsensical artspeak. You do not need to be present for the meetings, spend hours on complex assignments or even create new paintings for the class.

The class is flexible! Contact me to find the best way to make this class work for you, to fit your schedule and needs. Artists painting in any 2D form, no matter which type of medium and any style will benefit.

Paint with Confidence • Improve Your Artistic Visual Thinking • Distinguish Your Art

“This exceptional teacher puts even the most challenging concepts into accessible bite-size pieces.” – Rick Garcia, fine artist, PA, USA

What results will you see after taking this class?
Artist Rossovino made immediate improvements to his painting (original on left, revised on right) using the class’s 80:20 color principle.

What’s included?

    • Six live online classes, and their recordings for life time access.
    • A 30 minute private consult, and online access with me available daily.
    • Support from a like-minded group of artists.
    • Lifetime access post-class to an online alumni community.

How does the class work?
Each week begins on a Sunday evening, with a live two hour online meeting and presentation. Meetings begin 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern Time Zone.  Guess what? You DON’T have to show up for these. All meetings are video recorded so you can watch them later at your convenience. In between each of these six Sunday meetings, you and your classmates post on a private (class access only) Facebook page. Posts include writings and images based on the week’s topics. You get feedback from me and the class daily. Dislike Facebook? Don’t want to post publicly? No problem. You can email me privately during the class whenever you want to.

How much time do I need?
Busy? Then just dedicate as little as 15 minutes a day. If more time becomes available put in a couple of hours each week. This is ample time to transform and inspire you and your work. And then there’s another option. If you have more time, go the extra mile and give it all you’ve got. Spend a few hours a day and turn this class into a full-time painting residency…and the best part is… you get to decide!


Next Painting Excellence Class starts February 23, and ends April 4, 2020
Class Price – $825.


“This course has exciting content I’ve never heard before, which has greatly improved my work!” -Colleen OHair, painter, Washington, USA
“Most instructors teach you to paint like them, while Nancy Reyner expertly instructs how to push YOUR work to the next level.” -Tavo Holloway, NM, USA
“Nancy’s inspirational class took my work to the next level. Getting to know painters from all over the world added to this stimulating experience. I especially liked how unintimidating the class felt.” – Rajul Shah, painter, Japan & USA
“Nancy is the best painting instructor I have ever encountered. Any artist can benefit greatly, perhaps beyond their expectations, from this class. It expands painter’s confidence and vigor for their art. I’m thankful for a great and supportive group of brilliant artists from around the world!” – Barry Lubbe, Painter, Virginia, USA
“This course gave me a great leap forward. Working with interesting artists in an uncompetitive and supportive environment got my creative juices flowing! Nancy’s knowledge of materials, techniques and teaching is unparalleled. I knew that if anyone could get me out of my creative slump it would be her. The results from her course are amazing.” – Mary Manning, painter, Utah, USA

About Nancy

Nancy Reyner paints exotic versions of heaven, using gold leaf and other unusual materials. She feels art is a rewarding pursuit that adds quality of life, and shares this passion with her students.

Nancy has been teaching art for more than 30 years, at venues including Columbia University, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Anderson Ranch and Santa Fe Art Institute. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University.

With expertise in a variety of mediums; including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media, Nancy authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever”, and has extensive training as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors. Nancy currently lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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