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Video Demonstration from Acrylic Illuminations


26-4Nancy Reyner’s book, Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques, demonstrates many unusual painting techniques using acrylic. Click on the link below to see one of these techniques demonstrated in a video, called Embedded Pearlized Color. This technique uses specialty paints called Interference paints, along with layers of acrylic gloss gel to create a special reflective effect. Click here for the link.

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5 thoughts on “Video Demonstration from Acrylic Illuminations

  1. Got the book over Christmas and am enjoying reading and experimenting. Great book! I have all your books and refer to them often for ideas and tips this new one is among my favs!

  2. Hi Nancy, I am really enjoying your new book; Acrylic Illuminations. I have only had it a week and already have a long list of ideas inspired by the techniques. There is something to be learned by everyone, whether beginner or experienced artist. The only thing I was disappointed was not included was instruction on how you achieve your wispy, squiggly wave type patterns seen in your energy force paintings and others such as "mystic sea". Are you using a certain medium or tool to achieve that or is it brushwork? Any advice would be appreciated! Best of luck with your latest book.

  3. I have Acrylic Illuminations out from our Public Library, & LOVE it! Like Pamela, I am making note of ones I want to try! I'm fortunate to have the Merri Artist store right downtown, which has a full selection of Golden products, & tend to visit weekly! I look forward to perusing more of your videos (just watched the one on using the interference paint with gel) …

    I've been taking virtual workshops with Shiloh Sophia McCloud & Flora Aube, both of whom use the Golden Fluid paints for their lovely luminous qualities. Our focus is the female face/form … and I'm contemplating how to utilize some of the products/ techniques in my work.

    Thanks for your lovely work!

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